Busy April days in the Club

Well done to everybody who participated in the club Speech Contest and Evaluation contest! Our congratulations to our champions: Sonia, Anthony, Anne! We are sure you will make us proud in the Area!


… Speaking of the Area… This year we are happy to host the Area level contest in our club! Everyone is welcome next Monday, April 16th, 8pm, to Kerins O’Rahillys GAA Club to the next round of the contest! The competition of the area clubs is always full of excitement and fun (and of course, a healthy bit of adrenaline). Who will represent our Area on the next level? That will be the question of the night! Everybody is welcome to watch and enjoy those great speeches!

We are all looking forward to our celebration night! The clock is ticking… The Saturday is only 2 days away! For details, check this link – and do not be too shy! Just come and party with us!


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